Estuary aims for people to experience its rectitude at excellence.

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The founders of Estuary were on a quest to unlock the full potential of water, to find its finest form, to elevate it and bring out a liquid worthy of the Gods. Their quest led them to the immaculate magnificence of the Himalayas where they not only grew an inherent appreciation of God’s creation but also made it their mission to share a piece of that purity with the entire world.

Water makes up 60-70% of a human body, yet as food habits have evolved to appreciate the finer things, water mostly remains untouched. Through our research we found a world of difference between water obtained from different sources. The purest form of water enriched with nutrients is rediscovered and redefined by Estuary. In pristine condition, the Estuary waters are formulated to attain the highest level of purity enriched for your lifestyle.

Estuary transforms water with enriched Himalayan salts and minerals that enhance your elemental palette. Introducing the world’s first Epicurean Water, the founders with the research team aim to present a unique symphony of natural elements which come together to bring you water, that helps you achieve a state of tranquility and concentrate on life’s important moments. Estuary’s philosophy focuses excessively on purity and refinement, on creating not just a product but an experience.