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India introduces first ever Epicurean bottled water

FORBES INDIA | October 30, 2020

A novel premium bottled water brand named Estuary is all set to be launched and bring something new to this parched segment.

Water constitutes about 90% of what a human being consumes, its importance thus is significant. In India, there is a need for water to not only be presented as that base liquid that quenches thirst and saves life, but as a pristine luxury product that enhances the quality of living. There is a dearth in the market for upscale luxury water.

Armed with these base ideologies, three enterprising entrepreneurs have launched a premium bottled water brand named “Estuary”. The humble drink of life is thus fast transforming into a premium product. With hydration and taste enhancement as their main objectives, this luxury bottled water aims to quench the thirst of premium water in the market.

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