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Estuary Limited Edition Blending Water (PET)

Estuary Limited Edition Blending Water (PET)

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Description & Specifications

The DNA of a Leader!

Estuary Blending Water is formulated in Scotland and is Officially Recommended by the Scottish Whisky Association.

Estuary Opens up the primary, secondary, and tertiary notes present in Whiskies and Single Malts.

Estuary is the world's only water which is formulated and toned to match the compound composition and complexity of fine spirits.

Ingredients: Pure Water - Filtered, Toned, and formulated through a signature multi-stage filtration


Best Before 24 months of Packaging

Weight 1000ml,200ml
Manufacturer Estuaries Industries Private Limited
Country of origin India
Best before 24 months from the date of packing
Nutritional data Calcium < 12, Potassium < 15, Magnesium < 25, Fat 0
Calories 0 calories
pH 6.5 to 8.5
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What is blending water?

Blending Water is a mixer for spirits which retains and amplifies the Authentic Flavour of the spirit and smoothens the Drinking Experience.

Does blending water contain any added flavours?

No, blending water does not contain any addded flavours.

Is blending water similar to tonic water, sparkling water or spring water?

No, Blending Water is the World's 1st water which is exclusively crafted for blending with spirits. It's unique formulation makes it the only water in this category all over the world

Does blending water contain alcohol?

No, blending water is 100% ALCOHOL FREE.

Can Estuary blending water be refrigerated?

Yes, you can serve it as per your personal drinking preference.

Can icecubes be added to your drink?

If you like your Whiskies & Malts On the Rocks, freezing Estuary Blending Water and using ice from it is recommended by Global Connoisseur's.

What is the shelf life of blending water?

The shelf life of blending water is 24 months, best stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.